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About slots and video slots – two very classic casino games

At the beginning there were no machines. When you visited a casino or any other form of play, you had to find out that at that height there was card and dice played there. These two game modes form the basis for all later variants of games that you play at casinos across the world. It’s out of play with cards and dice as all other games have been developed in one way or another. You can basically take whatever game you want and yet in some way be able to derive it into any of these fundamental games.

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It was actually when roulette in the mid 1800’s began to make their final victory over the world as it first came into contact with the very first form of what would soon be called a slot machine. What we call slots or unarmed bandit today – originated in the slot machine invented by American inventor Charles August Fey in San Francisco in 1895. Fey called his creation for The Liberty Bell and was trying to introduce this world history’s first slot machine for great enthusiasm for casinos and all other gaming venues around in their hometown of San Francisco. With limited success, to express themselves diplomatically. Liberty Bell was a slots fitted with three spinning wheels with symbols representing spades, hearts, rows, a horseshoe and a watch all of which were painted on every gaming wheel. It was about getting three symbols in a row and the chance to win by playing The Liberty Bell was – between the thumb and forefinger – 1 in 1,000. The winnings consisted of cigarettes and free drinks in the bar but as time went by, it was introduced even prices of more cash and liquid nature.

That’s when Fey came into contact with a game company named Mills Novelty Company in 1907, which soon began to loosen the slot machine. Its small legendary and world-renowned nickname Unarmed Bandit – or one armed bandit as the players in America called the device – also made it an entrance seriously at this time when the slot machine became increasingly common in both its own home country, but also in all other countries where one had raised the eyes of the machine. The name is due to the fact that the machine in its original condition was equipped with a pull arm on one side. It was this arm that the player pulled in to release the three wheels and put them in spin. When one player after another disappointed “You one armed bandit!” After stabbing at the machine, the nickname looked like a smack.

Since the beginning of the last century, the success has been total for the united bandit. For a long time, it’s more or less obvious that a casino can offer games of at least half a dozen different slot machines. A casino that does not have a long line of slot machines standing along one wall is not a long way to be considered a real casino in the correct sense of the word. Casino and slots belong in the same intimate way as hard rock and max-distant electric guitars. That’s how it is. Slots have in many ways come to symbolize the concept of casino.
It is thus from the classic slot machine that the later version of video slots has occurred. Video slot is, in other words, a late publisher of the old energetic bandit. But what are video slots for something and what’s that different from that machine from other gaming machines? You can quite easily describe video slots as a regular slot machine that has been updated a number of times and provided with a whole set of highly sophisticated effects of various kinds. This is a game for those who like excitement, unpredictability and technical extravagance. Video slots have the most that a player may wish for from a slot machine. If you have never played video slots before, it’s probably time to do it now. We dare to almost promise you that you will love the game directly. It will be love at first glance.

One thing that is quite typical and characteristic of this with video slots is the least expensive and almost sumptuous graphics and all the cool video effects that the device is loaded with. As a player, you also depend on the possibility of free spins – ie free games on the device – and other bonus games of different kinds. But the high tech standard, despite that, you do not need to be particularly knowledgeable in the field of technology to play video slots. It does not take many seconds to learn how this game works. In principle, it is only to tilt and drive directly. Here is one of the main advantages of playing video slots. It’s busy to learn and it’s just as easy to win nice money. In comparison to the traditional predecessor armed bandit, winning chances are significantly greater in video slots.

This also comes with another very nice thing. When you play video slots, there is an incredible chance of winning at the horizon. A winning chance that in a moment can make you a millionaire. Of course, we are talking about what is commonly called progressive jackpot. Such a jackpot is constantly increasing as more players play video clips. This means, in its extension, that when it eventually expires, the player who combs the progressive jackpot can suddenly sit with several million crowns in his knee.

If you want to tie it all together in a fairly core summary, you can say that slots and video slots are two classic casino games that have the great advantage that they are very easy to learn to play. There is no prerequisite for playing slots and video slots without just hitting and driving. This in combination with progressive jackpot where the opportunity to win the closest astronomical sums of money is how much these classic casino games make for two favorites.